About Us

The California Inland Empire DEC
is a diverse group of volunteer trade professionals dedicated to helping you develop export sales and thus contribute to the National Export Program.

We are successful exporters, accountants, lawyers, freight forwarders, bankers, trade professionals, academics, and members of local government. We pool our knowledge to provide a source of professional real-world advice to businesses and to California’s international trade community.

This trade expertise complements the U.S. Commercial Service’s export promotion work. We offer export mentoring, trade education, and community outreach services, with the goals of:

  1. Supporting businesses to develop export successes
  2. Promoting export opportunities
  3. Advocating trade promotion policies

In conjunction with the U.S. Commercial Service and other organizations such as the U. S. Export-Import Bank and the California Centers for International Trade Development we can help Inland Empire companies to:

  • Sell, market and promote their goods to the world
  • Move their products overseas through logistics counseling
  • Arrange export transactions
  • Finance overseas shipments
  • Assess and mitigate export sales risk
  • Insure overseas shipments and payments
  • Adapt products for overseas markets
  • Tap into university resources for product R&D and market viability studies

We invite you to browse through our site, attend our events, and use us as a resource to help grow your export sales.